How to clean your Persian carpets?
How to clean your Persian carpets?

How to clean your Persian carpets?

Hooray! You just bought a hand-knotted traditional and authentic Persian rug online at a great price and now it adorns your living space or commercial office. But, when we talk about Persian carpets, they are not just décor items but also valuable antiques that can yield you profit when preserved for a long time.

But since the Persian carpets are made from wool, cotton, or silk, cleaning it can be a tricky task because if it is not cleaned properly, it can be damaged and the color can also fade eventually. Thus, when we talk about Persian rugs, there is a specific time and way to clean them to ensure that their life is prolonged and that their quality is maintained.

Although most people who hold valuable Persian rugs choose professional help to get it washed, here is how one can clean and wash a Persian carpet at home:

The proper way to clean your Persian Carpet:

While one can often dust their Persian rugs, you must wash your Persian carpet once in 1-3 years depending upon the traffic and the soiling that the carpet handles. Now that you know when to wash your Persian carpet, let’s move to how one can clean their Persian rugs.

  1. Check the label:

The probability is high that you bought your authentic Persian Carpet online and thus, you might not be able to ask the manufacturer directly. But, to check the best way to clean your Persian rug you can check the corner of your carpet where they put the washing instructions. Based on the material and weaving of the carpet, each manufacturer defines the way it must be cleaned.

  1. An ideal way to vacuum your Persian rug:

Persian rugs are made from fibers and thus, cleaning them with a vacuum must be done in a certain way. For instance, it is essential that you don’t vacuum the rug on the fringes and that you vacuum towards the rug fibers and not against it. Also, if your vacuum has a beater bar make sure that you remove it as the bar can make the grip of the fibers loose and that can lead to damage.

  1. An ideal way to sweep your Persian carpet:

Instead of beating your carpet to remove the dust, you must sweep the carpet to ensure that the fibers are not damaged. Also when you sweep it, do it gently by moving from one end to the other instead of moving your broom back and forth.

  1. An ideal way to wash your Persian carpet:

Although we suggest that you get professional help to wash your antique Persian carpet if you decide to do it at home, do it on a sunny day by watering it completely with a hose and then gently wash the carpet by massaging the detergent on the cloth. Also, ensure that you wash both sides and keep it in an area where it can get partial sun until it is dry.


Some pro tips:

While these tips cover the basics, to check for dirt clots you can examine the rug with your hand, and to remove the odor from it, you can either sprinkle it with talcum powder or use vinegar, water, and detergent combination.

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